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Our story and purpose



Moto Manos is a scooter and ATV rentals agency in Perissa, Santorini by the beautiful Black Sand beach.

It was founded in 1982 by Manolis, a young local who was looking to combine his two greatest passions -enthusiasm for riding and his love for the island.

Santorini is an island of immense beauty. A beauty, however, that is not handed out to you. It calls you to explore, wander, and discover all its hidden gems. What more rewarding way to do it than riding on a scooter, ATV, or buggy? The thrill of discovering that tucked-away beach and the feel of the cool summer breeze on your face are second to none.

Romanticism aside, Santorini is amongst the world’s most popular destinations. With millions of visitors every year and the roads not getting any less busy or the parking areas any bigger, the need for independent and smart transportation is crucial. Getting around on a scooter, quad or buggy makes more sense now than ever.

Moto Manos started as one of the first rental shops on the island, at first with a few mopeds and vespas, and now boasts a fleet of almost one hundred vehicles and is constantly being renewed. Through sheer passion and hard work and later on, employing the help of his two sons that are now invested full-time in the family business, Manolis turned Moto Manos Rentals from his intimate project to be one of the longest-running businesses in Santorini.

To the present day, we expanded our office space to keep up with high customer traffic. We expanded our garage and maintenance facilities where a dedicated team tends to our vehicles and keeps them to our high standards.

As of 2020, although our only office remains traditionally in Perissa, we offer delivery service to selected locations around the island. We also keep a private parking area at Santorini Airport (JTR) to facilitate pick-ups and drop-offs and make our customers’ experience swift and uncomplicated.

Since 2018, after years of envisioning, it became company policy that the Moto Manos Team is one of cultural diversity. In the spirit of being active members of our expanded community each year, we employ passionate foreign travelers who wish to experience in-depth cultural exchange through living and working together in our local family business.

Becoming increasingly aware of the impact the industry has on the environment, as of 2022 we donate a fraction of our annual revenue to the removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere.

Moto Manos is a family-run scooter and quad rentals agency in Perissa Santorini. We have a busy office, we are fortunate enough to meet interesting people from all over the world and help make their stay on the island a little bit easier and more fun. We value our customers and we like to offer quality services.

What we do

Our services


Stands out for low consumption, and comfort. Scooters are amongst the most fuel-eficient vehicles. Experienced riders appreciate their simplicity and comfort. They are small and agile and they also offer maximum convenience to their rider.


Stands out for Easy handling. Their size, storage space, and openness make them efficient and comfortable. With 4 wheels and simple controls, quads feel easy and intuitive even to first-timers. Considerably smaller than a car, quads are ideal for cruising and parking on busy island roads. There is enough storage space to carry all you'll need for a day at the beach or an afternoon photo shooting. They also allow their riders to feel more connected, have better awareness of their surroundings and improve the overall experience.



Stands out for comfort, easy handling, extra protection, and storage space. Driver and passenger sit side-by-side. There is
also plenty of legroom. With steering wheel accelerator and brake foot-pedals, buggies feel familiar to operate. While retaining the spirit of an open vehicle, buggies have roll cages and sun-protection tops. Cargo space is large enough to carry all of your luggage.


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